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Tech Summit 2017


Are you ready to learn, grow and transform the way your company does IT?

Register below for Tech Summit 2017. It’s like summer school...but better!

10 weeks, 10 FREE online courses.

Beginning August 9th, these free, weekly online courses  will present you with a mix of opportunities to gain “how-to” skills and high-level strategic insights into some of the most timely topics facing the IT industry today.     


  • Harnessing Cloud Technology For Business 
     - August 9 @ 9:00am
     PST| Jeff Rogers, CEO/Founder, Big Green IT
    • In even just the past year, the cloud has undergone an evolution. With this ever-changing technology, it poses the question if it's best for business to move to the cloud now, or later. Learn from Jeff Rogers, CEO of the Sacramento Business Journal's #1 Fastest-Growing Company, Big Green IT, about what parts of your business are best serviced by the current state of cloud technology and if, and when, you should migrate. 


  • Debunking the Top 9 Myths About the Cloud 
    - August 17 @ 9:00am PST | Ryan Starkweather, Senior Engineer, Big Green IT
    • "The cloud isn't secure." "I have to move EVERYTHING to the cloud." "It's too expensive." We're separating the fact from fiction when it comes to companies' biggest barriers from moving to the cloud, and we'll give you the tools you need to communicate the collaboration and productivity solutions it can provide.  


  • To move or not move:  An Office 365 Assessment
    - August 22 @ 9:00am PST | Mike Pracher, Director of Cloud Technologies, Big Green IT
    • Before you make the jump to Office 365, hear from Microsoft experts who will share an honest and actionable game plan for navigating your organization’s migration to the cloud. From evaluation to implementation, we'll walk you through it so you feel confident in your decision to migrate to Office 365 (or not!).


  • Mitigating Your Ransomware Risk 
    - August 31 @ 9:00am PST | Cedric Snell, Systems Engineer, Veeam
    • Since early 2017's WannaCry crisis, ransomware has become a prominent point of discussion for business continuity planning.  We'll discuss best practices for protecting your critical data and recovering quickly, without paying the ransom.


  • Backup for Office 365:  Email Protection for the Cloud 
    - September 14 @ 9:00am PST | Doug Cheung, Systems Engineer, Veeam
    • The expansion of the Office 365 footprint presents unique challenges when it comes to retention, data management and availability.  Learn how to protect your cloud-based email, protect against data loss situations not covered by Microsoft and empower your IT team to take control of your organization's Office 365 data. 


  • From Compliance to Back Up: Tailoring Cloud Functionality to Fit Your Specific Needs 
    - September 20 @ 9:00am PST | Mike Pracher, Director of Cloud Tech, Big Green IT
    • One of the hottest IT topics today revolves around cloud functionality, and, as a result, there is an increasing number of add-ons that can help you meet your company’s needs for confidentiality and compliance (regardless of your industry). We’ll take an in-depth look at tools such as Cirius, Skykick and Crossware that, respectively, will give you email encryption security, easily restore business data and add a personal touch to your email signatures.


  • When to Use Azure: Three use scenarios that could benefit your business 
    - September 28 @ 9:00am PST | Jeff Rogers, CEO/Founder Big Green IT
    • Azure is not your grandfather’s cloud. Microsoft has invested more than $10 billion per year over the past two years into the platform, which is now running in 100+ datacenters connected in more than 30 countries around the world. In looking at Cloud and Hybrid Cloud with Azure, it’s important to know what type of workloads are working best today and why.  From overflow production to full production,  to hybrid Cloud and DR (and, yes, test and development too), we will explore three real scenarios as we visit how Azure continues to change and significantly improve the IT landscape.


  • Instant Backup, Instant Restore: Myth or Magic  
    - October 4 @ 9:00am PST | Tom Riggins, Senior Systems Engineer, Nimble Storage
    • What if we told you that by leveraging certain technology, you can get to near-instant backup windows and near-instant restoration of whole volumes or individual files? We'll show you how to do all this and unlock the ability to leverage your backup data. No magic wand required. 


  • HPE Gen10 Technology Innovations: Persistent Memory – HPE Scalable Persistent Memory and HPE 16GB NVDIMM-N  
    - October 12 @ 9:00am PST | Jeffrey Williams: HPE Enterprise Group Technology Architect
    • Come learn about HPE Gen10 Persistent Memory and how it delivers the performance of memory with the persistence of storage. *New for Gen10* - HPE Scalable Persistent Memory is multi-TB scale and runs at memory speeds unlocking new performance levels for business workloads.  We'll cover use cases such as: checkpoint/restore for apps, large in-memory compute, HTAP Real Time Analytics and much more. You'll also learn how NVDIMMs can be used to eliminate storage bottlenecks for databases, reduce core-based software licensing fees and accelerate performance as a write caching tier. 


Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email with login information and a calendar invite for your desired course. To ensure you receive the proper login information for each course, we ask that you sign up for them one at a time, by clicking on the class title or Register Now buttons. 

Questions? Contact us at info@biggreenit.com or (916) 787-3223 x115. 






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