Jeff Rogers, Founder and CEO

Jeff Rogers founded Big Green IT in 2013, bringing over 30 years of technology and leadership experience to his new venture. Jeff founded Steelhead Data in 2006, a systems integration company, focusing on VDI and Storage solutions. Within 3 years Steelhead Data was generating almost $10 million in revenue annually. In his career Jeff spent several years in various technical, management and executive roles, working with companies such as AVCOM, the largest reseller in the US for Sun Microsystems. He has niche experience in the gaming industry, founding Streamline Development, a company he sold to Specter Gaming in 2005. Jeff is passionate about his face-to-face sales and frequently indulges his clients and potential customers in extensive whiteboard sessions. He is at his best when he is explaining and simplifying solutions to a potential complex IT problem. 
Jeff earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology, with a minor in Sales and Marketing, from Cal Poly SLO. He is a founding member of Dell Partner Advisory Council, as well as a member of Asigra Advisory Council, and VMware Advisory council.