Big Green IT Assessment Offer

Many of our clients have requested an overall IT Assessment to help determine and document the current status of their IT environment. Our clients have shared with us the value of having a Big Green IT Assessment to serve as the basis for strategic project planning, upcoming initiatives, and to support IT transitions.

We use industry standard tools to take a deep look into the Servers, Storage, Desktops, Virtualization, Operating Systems, and Network devices in the environment. Through this assessment we provide current status, identify red flags, unsupported OSs, unsupported devices, recommended best practices, and documentation. There is no finger-pointing. We have all been in IT long enough to understand no environment is perfect and decisions were made for various reasons at the time (budget, personnel, etc.).

BigGreen IT saw the need to make executing an IT Assessment an easier process for our customers; therefore, BigGreen IT has put together a standardized IT Assessment for a reduced, fixed price.


IT Assessment General Scope:

  • Infrastructure Assessment (server/workstation and patching/upgrading)
  • Active Directory Assessment (assuming a Microsoft environment)
  • Review password and user policies
  • Overall backup strategy
  • Network Assessment (switches, routers, wireless, and MPLS/VPN)
  • Results, analysis, and documentation
  • Go forward recommendations including equipment, software, licensing, Active Directory and trouble spots
  • Assumes single domain for this offer. Multiple domains can be assessed as well


Generally, expect to have 2-3 days for assessment and 2 days for analysis and documentation (your mileage may vary). An onsite review of findings, documentation, and recommendations will be scheduled for the end of the project. A complete Scope of Work will be part of this engagement.

There are general limits for this offer such as a single domain, up to 300 PC/Laptop/workstations, up to 12 host servers, single location, and up to one remote office. A custom scope can be built for any IT Assessment.

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