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Modernize your Phone System with Microsoft Teams Voice

10/28/202010:00am PDT1 hour
Did you know Microsoft Teams now has Voice?

Microsoft Voice makes it easy for organizations of any size to turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible phone system. Microsoft Voice is an excellent replacement for legacy in-house phone systems (PBXs) that can be both costly and complex to manage.

During this webinar, we’ll start with the basics:

What is Microsoft Voice and how does it compare to other VOIP or PBX phone systems?

Then we will answer a few common questions below before turning the event over to you for your questions.

• What type of licenses do we need and what is the cost?
• Does everyone in the company need to have Microsoft Voice?
• Can we port our existing phone numbers to Microsoft Voice, or do we have to get all new numbers?
• What about handsets? What do we need? Can we use any handset?
• ANY other questions you have.

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