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End-User Skykick Outlook Assistant installation and deployment

End-User installation and deployment is the simplest method of installing the Skykick Outlook Assistant (SKOA) across the customer’s organization. With this method, each end-user downloads and installs SKOA via Password Reception.

This installation is the default mechanism in the Migration Planner. For other deployment methods, see Deploying the Outlook Assistant.

Requirements and roles 


End-users must have admin rights to their machine profile creation.

End-User action

  • Download and install application
  • Sign in to register the device
  • Provide destination credentials

Client action

Clients need to manage end-user progress for installation, sign-in, and destination credentials.

End-User installation process

The following is the default self-service process. The actual steps may vary based on customizations that are made in the Migration Planner. For more on the end user experience, see Outlook Assistant End User Experience.

  1. User receives an email with their unique Password Reception URL to ensure that the Password Reception Page and SKOA can correctly identify the user.


Note: Do not share a download of the Outlook Assistant between different users. The download and installation process is unique to each user.

  1. User clicks the link in the email, opens the Password Reception Page and provides any necessary information and credentials to the Migration Application.
  2. At the end of the Password Reception process, SKOA download begins automatically.

Note: If the user does not download or otherwise fails to complete the installation of SKOA, the Migration Application will send them ongoing reminders until the installation is complete.

If the user failed to download SKOA, simply revisiting the Password Reception page will allow the user to download SKOA. The end-user may be prompted to re-enter their credentials on the Password Reception page if they password has become invalid.

  1. Once downloaded, SKOA begins to install.

Note: The installation of SKOA requires the End-User to have Administrator permissions on their PC. If the user does not have Administrator permissions, deployment via MSI is recommended.

  1. Once installation is complete, the user will be prompted to sign-in to SKOA using their email credentials as provided via Password Reception. The sign-in process is required for SKOA to confirm the identity of the user and connect their identity with the PC. In order for the sign-in process to work, the user will need to have completed Password Reception correctly before installation and provide the same credentials as were provided via Password Reception.
  2. As part of the sign-in process, the user will be prompted to specify the Outlook data store from which their settings (and data in a POP/IMAP migration) will be migrated.
  3. Once the user has successfully signed-in, SKOA will report back to the Migration Dashboard that it has been installed successfully.





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