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Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that allows you to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of datacenters. Easily monitor activity, manage multiple workloads through automation, and efficiently backup and recover your data—all through fully-integrated Microsoft services.

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    1.  How is Azure pricing calculated? 
    2.  Is it possible to prepay for Azure services? 
    3.  Do we pay for apps when they are in a “stopped state”? 
    4.  How can we reduce our Azure costs? 
    5.  How do we migrate to Azure? 
    6.  What options do we have for Azure Support? 

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Azure Readiness Assessment

Is your IT environment ready for Azure? With the deliverables and recommendations of a Big Green IT Azure Readiness Assessment, you will be able to build a strategic plan for migrating and adopting the Azure platform for key applications.

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