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Many companies are using VDI, or have considered VDI, but are challenged with building and maintaining the infrastructure to support their user base. 

The need for remote desktops continues to increase with the work-from-home movement.  Today with Windows 365 you can run a virtual desktop in the cloud without the burden of maintaining and supporting the backend infrastructure. There are many benefits to this model includingproven Windows 10 environment, cost containment,  flexibility, instant scalability, the need for less IT resources and, most important, increased security.  

Windows 365 Deployment Process


We help companies evaluate their existing workforce with an endpoint assessment.

Planning & Deployment

After identifying a company's specific needs, recommendations will be made for proper planning and deployment.

Licensing Options

Following a detailed analysis of a company’s workloads, a comprehensive pricing estimate will be provided.


Big Green IT offers a range of Microsoft Support Service plans to meet the varying needs of our customers.

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Supporting Your Remote Workforce via WVD

Watch our Webinar on-demand and learn about  Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service hosted on Azure. 

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