To begin monitoring your computers and resources, you must download and install the lightweight, non-intrusive Device Management Agent (DMA) to your computers. DMA is available in two forms:

  • DMA Client: In this version, DMA collects detailed information about the computer it is installed on, such as computer name, users, operating system version, processor, memory, disk space, and installed browsers.
  • DMA Gateway: In this version, DMA collects the same information that is collected in client mode. DMA Gateway also performs a discovery scan of the Active Directory for resources like servers, computers, users, and groups.

After DMA is installed and running, it transmits information back to BigGreen. With the information collected, you can perform a HealthCheck for Office 365 assessment and get remediation services to ensure that your computers are compatible with Office 365. Using DeploymentPro through DMA, you can remotely configure Outlook profiles on the computers after completing a mailbox migration.