In some cases, you may want to migrate a mailbox but you do not have the credentials. We offer a mechanism in which you can securely request the user name and/or password from the end user that you are going to migrate.

This can be done on an individual basis or be requested on a bulk level. When you submit the mailbox for migration, we will send email with a secure link in which the end user provides their credentials directly to the system. The sequence of steps are as follows:

  1. You submit account for migration.
  2. Email is sent to the email address configured with a secure link to provide the credentials.
  3. The end user clicks on the provided link, which opens a secure web page.
  4. The end user provides their credentials directly to our system.
  5. The credentials are verified.
  6. The item is immediately submitted for migration.

The status of the migration will remain as “Waiting For End User” until the end user provides their credentials to the system.


  • Unfortunately, due to changes in the Google Security policy, migrating any Google free accounts is not supported.