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ServiceNow provides a service model that defines, structures and automates the flow of work, consolidating fragmented tools and legacy systems and automating the service management process.


Maintain a consistent level of service, leaving behind the days of treating each repeated task as a one-off.


Maintain perspective on service metrics without burdening your IT Managers and staff.


Increase productivity throughout your organization. Go beyond IT to empower Accounting, Facilities, HR, and more.

Modernize and transform your IT Service Delivery with IT Service Management

Most small and mid-enterprise companies are more interested in delivering services and innovating business solutions than managing their IT infrastructure.  With IT service management you can replace email and spreadsheets with collaborative workspaces and automated business services.

ServiceNow’s IT Service Management allows you to consolidate all of your tools and legacy systems into a service management system allowing you to deliver a consumer-like, self-serve experience to your users.

“About 10 percent of enterprise IT organizations are currently using SaaS for IT service management. In five years, this number will grow exponentially to include about 50 percent of the market”.    

– Gartner

Benefits of IT Service Management

 ◊ Increase efficiency

 ◊ Lower costs

 ◊ Boost productivity

 ◊ Allow employees to help themselves

 ◊ Create a single system of record

 ◊ Allows IT departments to allocate more time to higher value-add projects.

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