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Cloud Migration Blog

Harnessing the Cloud

By Abbe Lyle November 13, 2017

With many definitions of what it means to adopt cloud computing, it is clear that there is..

OneDrive Tips & Tricks

By Mike Pracher May 26, 2017

We'd need more than two hands to count the many reasons why we love Microsoft OneDrive. It's..

The Impact of Cloud Computing

By Mike Pracher May 26, 2017

The Economist wrote in 2008 that "the rise of the cloud will transform the information..

Is it Safe to Store Data in the Cloud?

By Abbe Lyle May 2, 2017

Concerns about data storage obviously go hand in hand with security concerns when it comes to..

Office 365 Migration Security - What You Need to Know Before You Migrate

By Abbe Lyle May 1, 2017

Is security your number one concern when considering a move to the Cloud with Office 365? Most ..

Office 365 Reliability & Uptime - Get the Facts Before You Migrate

By Abbe Lyle May 1, 2017

Small businesses anywhere from between 15 to 100 people have dealt with bringing their own..

When to use Azure: Three use scenarios that could benefit your business

By Jeff Rogers March 15, 2017

 Jeff Rogers explains when to use Azure, and what is working in the marketplace.

SimpliVity and The Hype About Hyperconvergence

By Jeff Rogers March 13, 2017


Big Green IT is always on the lookout for cutting-edge technology that can make our customers’..

3 Excel Shortcuts That Will Change Your Life

By Keri LaRue March 13, 2017


Excel is an amazing tool that can can simplify processes, organize data and, as a whole, make..