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Our team of seasoned IT professionals help small to mid-enterprise companies in the Western US strategize and implement innovative solutions that improve operational efficiencies, transform business processes, and secure and manage data and networks.

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  • Exchange
  • Virtualization
  • Network
  • Storage
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  • Office 365
  • Virtualization
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Utilizing the power of IT for business empowerment

At Big Green IT we believe that efficiency, speed and savings come about through a series of innovations, and a true partnership. It is the special combination of software, hardware, strategy, implementation, and people that genuinely care that bring about powerful results and business alignment.

We help IT departments get away from reactive and move to a proactive state.  Once you are in a proactive state you can get in front of the problems and success is exponential.

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“Pure Storage has enabled us to have a SAN with enough performance overhead to eliminate the need for tiered storage and an innovative de-duplication approach that manages data sprawl effectively.” – Matthew Morgan, Red Hawk Casino  (Read case study)

How we help our clients:

As IT consultants, our services fall into 3 categories:


Technology Discussions

We are often brought into a company for a technology discussion. We listen well, and share our ideas and expertise. After understanding the company’s needs, we can conduct an assessment of the company’s existing environment and provide recommendations for technology solutions that align with business objectives.

Alignment with Business Objectives

Often times our client or prospect are looking to use IT solutions to improve their business processes, increase efficiency, develop a business continuity strategy, manage massive amounts of data or secure their network. We have specific processes for assessing and managing these types of projects to ensure they are done on budget, on schedule and align closely with their business objectives.

Technology Evaluations

A simpler scenario that we see frequently is when one of our clients is thinking of adding new technology such as a new storage array. We assist with the evaluation process and help them choose the optimum device for their needs and budget.

Many people think if there is a consultant in the room, they are trying to sell something. We have a different approach. We want a long-term relationship with our clients, built on integrity and trust.  

In many cases companies have come to us asking to purchase a high-end array and we are able to show them how their current storage requirements can be met with their existing technology, with some minor modifications. 

Our promise to you

We will never oversell technology just to make a profit. We provide products and services that align with your business objectives. Period.

“It is common in this industry to become focused on the nuts and bolts of a project.  We don’t just send engineers in to get the installation done, without thinking about how it could be done better, to get more results, even faster. I don’t want our customers to ‘build a ship in a bottle’ that breaks when they get too big for that bottle. We plan and implement technology solutions that will grow with your business”.    

– Jeff Rogers, CEO

Ready to get started?

With aging infrastructure, the changing face of IT, and a multitude of new cloud options for every IT solution, the opportunities are endless, and the decisions challenging.

At Big Green IT, we start this process with a discovery meeting where we will assess your environment, ask questions, understand your objectives, and develop recommendations.

When you are ready to move forward, we will develop a comprehensive plan and proposal for your review.

Your first step is simple.

Give us a call:  Chuck Ray, Director of Opportunity Development @ (916) 787-3223

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Complete our contact form and we will get back to you right away. Or, you can always reach out to our CEO,  Jeff Rogers directly @ (916) 787-3223 or schedule time to speak with him during his office hours.

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